The 1/7th Acetylene Rule: What You Need To Know

Most commonly used in the fabrication industry, acetylene is used for a variety of applications, most commonly used in welding due to its heating ability. Compared to other gases, acetylene burns the hottest flame when combined with oxygen. With a peak temperature of 3150 degrees Celsius, this makes oxy-acetylene the hottest fuel gas making it the perfect

Different Types of Gases Used for MIG & TIG Welding

What’s the Difference Between MIG and TIG welding? MIG and TIG welding has some similarities, but there are different scenarios in which you might use one over the other. Both processes use an electric arc to heat and fuse metals together and can be run with either polarity based on the application, but the main

It’s Grilling Season – Propane Tank Safety Tips

We all know what time it is! It’s grilling season and that means lots of great food and family fun. Summer is a season full of fun activities, the great outdoors, and of course, BBQs. July is the peak month for grilling and according to the National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA) “Home Grill Fires” report,