Acetylene Gas Supplier in Longmont, Colorado

Wagner Welding provides high quality acetylene gas for your welding, metal fabrication, and medical needs. Acetylene gas has many uses in a variety of industries. Its high burning temperature makes acetylene an ideal gas for welders and metal fabricators. The medical and science fields use acetylene gas for various instruments, and many manufacturers use acetylene for the production of glasses, paints, resins, and acrylic fibers.

Whatever your industry, Wagner Welding will provide you with high quality grade acetylene gas along with excellent customer service and safe delivery to Longmont, Boulder, Loveland, Fort Collins, and Denver Metro area.

Benefits of Acetylene Gas:
  • Better cut quality for metal fabricators & welders
  • Faster metal cutting

Wagner Welding can help you determine which type and size of acetylene tanks you need for your business’ needs. Get a quote or give us a call today!

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