Medical Gases for Dentists

High-Quality Dental Gas Delivery in Longmont, Colorado

We carry high-quality dental grade nitrous oxide and oxygen to local dental offices around the Longmont, Colorado area. Our history working with local dentists gives us the experience and knowledge in order to provide them with the supplies and gases needed to administer each gas safely.

Nitrous oxide is a safe and mild anesthetic used by dentists to reduce pain and calm patients during their procedures, giving dentists the opportunity to get work done safely, quickly and efficiently. Its non-toxic effects can be felt almost instantaneously and there are no long-term effects on the body. Using dental grade gases allow for a more comfortable dentist visit for both the patient and the dentist.

Choose Wagner for these Reasons and More:
  • Wagner Quality - We supply the highest grade dental gases in the industry.
  • Convenient Delivery - Our dental gas delivery service is available when you need it, and on time every time!
  • Knowledge and Experience - Our team works closely with you to find the best solutions to meet your specific dental needs.

Making sure the gases we supply are delivered on time is especially critical in the medical and dental fields. Here at Wagner, we have your back! Our dental gases are available in a variety of supply options and we offer next day delivery in the local Longmont, Boulder, Loveland, Fort Collins and Denver metro areas. Call us today at or get a quote online.

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