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Draft beers have become a rising trend in the US, with more establishments incorporating a wider selection of beer styles on tap. More breweries are opening up in various states and more people are open to trying new beers. With the rise of popularity, beer gas mixes have been a common implementation within restaurant, bars, breweries, and even at home. Beer gas blends are composed of carbon dioxide (CO2)  and nitrogen (N) mixes in order to create the perfect pour and flavor in every pint.


Restaurants and breweries all around utilize CO2 for their draft beer dispensing purposes. Nitrogen/CO2 blend beer gases are essential for dispensing certain draft beers, stouts in particular, for a smoother, thicker body and foam. With Wagner Welding Supply’s beer gases, restaurants and other establishments can feel at ease knowing they are being supplied with the highest quality mixes to provide their customers with the best beer tasting experience.

Oskar Blues Brewery is a local company recommending Wagner Welding Supply as a gas provider. In collaboration with Oskar Blues Brewery, we created a specialized blend of beer gas that is 60% CO2 and 40% Nitrogen. This allows Oskar Blues Beers to pour at local restaurants with the correct nitrogen blend so the beer tastes the way it was intended and not flattened by excessive nitrogen. If you are looking for a beer gas provider, Wagner Welding Supply offers you professional, reliable delivery in the greater Longmont area.

Benefits of beer gas mixes:
  • Creamier consistency
  • Longer lasting head (foam)
  • Smoother dispensing
  • Reduces beer fobbing

The Right Gas Blend

Most domestic beer is meant to be dispensed with CO2 and will not taste right with a beer gas mix. Nitrogen/CO2 is the gas you need for stout and nitro beers. Nitrogen/CO2 can be used to crutch foamy domestic beer but the solution lies in controlling temperature or pressure.

The first thing to look at is keg temperature. Lower temperature will result in less foaming (up to the point where you freeze the beer). If possible position the keg away from the door if it is in a walk-in.

A long run between the keg and the faucet will tend to foam the beer since it can warm up in the hose.

A newly tapped keg will have substantial pressure inside. Try to get the beer to pour the way you like before adding pressure with the gas. Depending on the style of beer you may want to run lower or higher pressure. It is safest to start low and work up slowly.

Foaming Beer

If someone has tried to make an empty gas cylinder push beer by changing the regulator setting, you will have a time bomb waiting when the full cylinder is connected. When you open the gas cylinder listen for gas flowing. If the flow is strong you might want to stop it and check your pressure settings. The pressure setting can be checked observing the gauge pressure after closing the valve on the regulator output. After the regulator pressure is adjusted correctly re-open the valve.

If someone has over pressured the keg for any period of time there will be gas pressure on top of the beer and also gas dissolved in the beer. Reducing the gas pressure will not resolve the problem until the gas has foamed back out inside the keg. On many beer taps there is a pull ring that will allow you to release the gas pressure from the keg. You may need to do this several times before everything settles down.

If you have a keg downstairs and the faucet upstairs you will need to raise the gas pressure to lift the beer up – resulting in a higher likelihood of beer foaming. This might be a situation where a CO2/nitrogen blend might be the best choice for a domestic beer.

Home Kits & Kegerators

With our selection of draft beer gas, equipment and kegorators, you can now make your own craft beer that represents your favorite flavors and make your taste buds go wild. If you are in need of a cylinder refill, we can help you continue your home brewing creations with our quality beer gases. We have everything you need to enjoy a nice cold pint of brew at the convenience of your own home.

Choose Wagner for these Reasons and More:
  • Convenient Delivery - We are dedicated to providing with quick and reliable next day delivery to our accountholders available in the Denver areas.
  • Knowledge and Experience - Our gas experts can help you choose the right beer gas mix for you based on your brewing needs.

Here at Wagner Welding Supply, we supply draft systems and equipment for your replacement needs to ensure your systems are running smoothly and your beer tastes great every time! We offer kegerator parts and accessories as well as next day local gas delivery in the Denver area. Contact us at 303-776-1491 or get a quote today and ask about our beer mixes, kegerators and equipment.

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