Medical Gas Supply for Veterinarians

High-Quality Veterinarian Gas Delivery in Longmont, Colorado

Animals are our best friends and making sure their procedures are supplied with the highest quality gases is essential to their wellbeing. Injured animals can become scared and difficult to work with under certain circumstances and making sure vets have the right supplies to calm their nerves before, during and after procedures is crucial to helping veterinarians do their jobs more efficiently. We proudly supply veterinarian offices with medical grade Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen gases with the same level of purity that we supply our medical clients with. Whether you’re a human friend or a furry companion, you can rely on Wagner Welding to supply the purest gases to save the lives of your loved ones.

Choose Wagner for these Reasons and More:
  • Wagner Quality - We make sure each cylinder is packed with the highest quality gases every time!
  • Convenient Delivery - Our team is dedicated to providing out medical customers with quick and reliable next day delivery.
  • Knowledge and Experience - We are experts at what we do and we make sure all the gases you order are to your specifications and delivered safely.
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