Propane Gas Refills and Delivery in Longmont, Colorado

Wondering where to get your propane refill? Wagner Welding Supply offers 20 lb. propane refills, compared with a grocery or home improvement store where the refill is only 15 lbs. We fill propane bottles for forklifts, motorhome, stoves and grills at our convenient location in Longmont.

Did you know that propane cylinders must be recertified after 12 years from the original date of manufacture? Wagner Welding Supply has you covered as we will inspect and re-certify your propane cylinders and check to be sure that your propane cylinder is free from damage and corrosion. When your tank’s certification has expired, our experts will do the inspection and propane tank recertification so you don’t have to worry. We can also replace old or defective valves in propane cylinders.

Propane is a popular gas for both residential, commercial and industrial uses. Residential customers use propane for heating, cooking, and drying. You’ve likely enjoyed food cooked on barbeques and stoves using propane. Commercial uses include production, agriculture, heating, construction and more.

Benefits of using propane gas include:
  • Affordability
  • Reliability
  • Clean burning energy source

From individual cylinders to large propane tank delivery and refills, Wagner Welding Supply will meet your needs. Please contact our experts for your residential, commercial or industrial propane needs in the Longmont, Boulder, Fort Collins, Loveland and Denver Metro area. Our propane delivery area spans the Denver Metro area. We will provide you a delivery quote and answer any questions you may have.

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