Carbon Dioxide

Carbon Dioxide Gas Supplier in Longmont, Colorado

At Wagner Welding Supply, we supply carbon dioxide in high pressure gas cylinders or liquid CO2 dewars in various sizes. For the past seventy years, we have supported many local industries and organizations—both large and small—in the Longmont/Denver Metro area. Our highly experienced staff is happy to work with you to choose the best carbon dioxide solution for your needs.

While carbon dioxide has a variety of uses, it is primarily used to manufacture or dispense beer or soda. In the medical world, surgical centers often use CO2 when performing surgeries, such as laparoscopies, endoscopies, and arthroscopies.

Uses of carbon dioxide:
  • Carbonates sodas and the many excellent beers brewed here in Colorado
  • Offers many advantages to greenhouse growers who wish to accelerate plant growth
  • Acts as a shielding gas for welding, either in the pure state or when mixed with argon, because it prevents oxidation during electric arc welding
  • Inflates tires on off-road vehicles
  • Fumigates insects
We offer CO2 delivery in three different grades:
  • Industrial CO2
  • Food Grade CO2
  • USP Grade CO2

Here at Wagner Welding, we make sure you get the quality you deserve for your carbon dioxide needs. Give us a call or get a quote online, and we’ll be happy to help you find the best CO2 options or refill your cylinders. Our CO2 gas can be delivered to you in the Longmont, Boulder, Loveland, Fort Collins, or the Denver Metro area safely, quickly, and, for a great price. Make sure to ask us how you can get a scheduled delivery to your local business.

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