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High-Quality Medical Gas Delivery in Longmont, Colorado

High-quality medical gases delivered reliably and on time are critical for healthcare providers. At Metro Medical, we understand your needs and are committed to delivering on them on time each and every time. Whether you are buying medical gas, renting or refilling a cylinder, your satisfaction is as essential to our business as our medical gases are to yours.

With our fast delivery, you can be sure that we will be there when you need us most. We deliver to the local Longmont, Boulder, Loveland, Fort Collins and Denver Metro areas for your convenience.

We Distribute High-Quality Medical Gases to:

We provide the following medical gases:
Oxygen and Liquid Oxygen

High quality medical grade oxygen is vital to patient respiration and combustion for many industries, including health, dental and veterinary care. Oxygen is among the most versatile medical gases and is available in a variety of supply options.

Nitrous Oxide

Medical-grade nitrous oxide is commonly used as a mild anesthetic for medical and dental procedures for its analgesic effect. This effective gas allows patients to communicate in a relaxed state. It is available in a variety of supply options.

Carbon Dioxide and Liquid Carbon Dioxide

Carbon Dioxide is used for laparoscopic procedures, as it expands and stabilizes body cavities for improved visibility. We also carry USP grade carbon dioxide, which is commonly used in medicine and pharmaceuticals.

Liquid Nitrogen

Liquid nitrogen is most often used by dermatologists to treat certain conditions. It can also be used to preserve items that must be frozen at extremely low temperatures or the keep them from oxidizing or reacting with water.







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For 80+ years, Wagner has delivered quality products and high-purity gases to our Colorado customers. Reliable service and a quality you can trust.

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