New Welding Product Spotlight: Morse Cold Steel Saw

The metal cutting process seems simple, but with the wrong tool or type of blade, you can end up with subpar results leading to rough cuts, metal deformations and potential injuries. When it comes to cutting metal, the chips that are exerted from the cutting scene can tell you a lot about the quality of your tools and their performance.

When choosing a tool for metal cutting, it’s important to evaluate the proper tools you’ll need to do the work. Blade technology is evolving and there are some considerations to think about depending on your project. Your tool of choice will depend on how often you’ll be using the tool, the thickness of the metals you work with, tool maintenance, tool productivity and your budget.

Here at Wagner Welding Supply, we carry a range of welding equipment, supplies and tools for local businesses and avid welders. Currently, we have a new addition to our welding equipment which will help make cutting steel a breeze. We are now carrying the cold steel saw by The M.K. Morse Company. With this revolutionized metal cutting blade, it’s easier and quicker to cut all types of metals along with a cleaner, smoother finish.


What is a cold steel saw?

Cold saws are specifically designed to easily cut through metals at high speeds with their toothed blades. They’re called “cold saws” because they allow the material and the blade to remain cool during and after the cutting process. The heat that is created by the cutting motion is transferred to the chips, which are essentially metal shavings that are created as a byproduct of the cutting process.

Cuts made by a cold saw remain cool to the touch which makes it easier to work with immediately after cutting compared to an abrasive saw, for example, which generates a lot of heat and can cause up to third degree burns if handled too soon. Abrasive saws can also cause the metal to deform while it’s hot. The reason why abrasive saws cause so much heat is because, unlike a cold saw, they don’t utilize the toothed blade design and instead grinds through material, which can result in not so clean cuts as well as a very messy job.



● Cutting speed: The cold saw blade will cut quickly, even through thick sections.

● Precision of the cut:  Unlike abrasive blades the cold saw blade cuts straight, requiring less rework after the cut.

● Cold to the touch: Each workpiece, the blade and the material, is immediately cool to the touch after cutting.

 Resharpenable: Cold steel saws use a solid high-speed steel or a tungsten carbide-tipped blade which can both be resharpened many times before being replaced.


Cutting Metals Safely

Before jumping right into cutting materials like steel, there are some safety precautions to take to ensure there are no accidents, especially when working with sharp objects.

1. Make sure you choose the right blade for the right kind of material. Choosing the wrong blade can create dangerous flying chips and flying metal pieces. When using the wrong blade, it can damage the cut and the blade itself.  Especially dangerous would be trying to use a cold saw blade on an abrasive saw because the blade RPM (revolutions per minute) is much higher on abrasive saws.

2. Wear the proper safety equipment like goggles to protect your eyes from flying chips or sparks, gloves to protect your hands, and ear muffs to dampen the loud noise.

3. Always use the clamp with stationary tools to fit the metal snug before cutting to avoid any materials from moving.

4. Make sure the blade is not on backwards. It sounds a bit silly, but believe it or not, this is one of the most common mistakes people make when people forget to check the rotation. For most cuts, this is very dangerous, but there are a few exceptions where it may make for a smoother cut, like with aluminum for example. But please, do not try this at home.

5. ALWAYS get proper training before trying to start a project by yourself. We cannot stress this enough! Make sure to get detailed training from a professional regarding the equipment, how to use equipment properly, hazards to watch out for and details on working conditions as well.


If you have high production requirements and need a trusted, good quality saw, then the cold saw is the one for you. With its titanium carbide tips, the Morse cold steel saw can help you produce smoother cuts, quicker projects and better overall project quality.

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