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Cylinder Rentals & Refills


Gas Cylinder Rentals & Refills in Longmont, Colorado

Cylinder Rentals & Refills in the Longmont, Boulder, Loveland, Fort Collins, and Denver Metro areas.

Need a specialty gas for your company or organization? Let Wagner Welding Supply take care of your gas needs. Our cylinder rentals are safe, and our gas refills are timely and convenient.


As always, we provide quality customer service both in-store and on deliveries. Contact us today for a free quote.

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Cylinder Size Chart

Our industrial gas and medical gas cylinders come in a wide variety of sizes, please call us or get a quote for the cylinder that fits your needs. Our cylinders are available for delivery or pickup at our location in Longmont, CO.

Code Capacity Type Dimensions AKA
D 10 CF Acetylene 4" dia x 13" MC, Baby
T 40 CF Acetylene 6" dia x 19.5" B tank
Q 75 CF Acetylene 7" dia x 26.5"  
M 100 CF Acetylene 8.5" dia x 30-34"  
Note: Volume varies by cylinder 85 to 149 CF
L 300 CF Acetylene 12" dia x 42"  
Note: Volume varies by cylinder 150 to 400 CF
Code Capacity Type Dimensions AKA
T 20 CF High Pres 5" dia x 15" 5 LB CO2
Note: Argon: 20 CF
R 55 CF High Pres 7.5" dia x 24" 20 LB CO2
Note: Argon: 59 CF
Q 84 CF High Pres 7" dia x 32.5"  
Note: Helium: 66 CF, Argon: 89 CF, Nitrogen: 77 CF
M 125 CF High Pres 7" dia x 43"  
Note: Helium: 110 CF, Argon: 125 CF, Nitrogen: 115 CF
S 150 CF High Pres 7.5" dia x 47"  
Note: Argon: 150 CF
H 251 CF High Pres 9" dia x 51.5" K, G, 50 LB CO2
Note: Helium: 219 CF, Argon: 250 CF, Nitrogen: 234 CF
L 330 CF High Pres 9.25" dia x 56" T
Note: Helium: 291 CF, Argon: 336 CF, Nitrogen: 330 CF
D 15 CF High Pres 4.5" dia x 16.5"  
Note: Helium: 13.2 CF, 3.1 LB Nitrous
E 24.9 CF High Pres 4.5" dia x 26"  
Note: Helium: 22.7 CF, Nitrogen: 22.9 CF, 6.7 LB Nitrous
G   High Pres 9" dia x 51.5"  
Note: 56 LB Nitrous






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For 80+ years, Wagner has delivered quality products and high-purity gases to our Colorado customers. Reliable service and a quality you can trust.

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